Wiki Search


Wikipedia Search API project from FCC with a changing universe background.

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  • Vue.js
  • Wikipedia API
  • Skeleton CSS


A Free Code Camp project.

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** Codepen won’t allow GeoNames to call over http.. So the clock doesn’t appear..

Made with:

  • Vue.js
  • FCC Weather API
  • GeoNames
  • Giphy API
News Headlines

I  bombed a code camp interview so I made this to feel better about myself.

See the Pen Random News Machine by Mark Lam (@emceelamb) on CodePen.

Open Frameworks Tests

Open Frameworks tests


Code Sketchbook


More sketches with code


English Teaching Vietnam


I currently teach English speaking sections at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education in the Faculty of High Quality Training. I also lead workshops and sessions in introductory programming and design. I made a Google Site to share my English Teaching Resources.

I publicly launched It was well received! Its pretty cool to see that people are writing on the wall already. It feels pretty strange to be a voyeur and at times hoping that an apology is directed to me too!Since the initial launch I’ve done some improvements such as add social sharing buttons in case there is an apology you think others should see.  I’m thinking of adding a “send an apology” function where you could send an anonymous .apology to the recipient from the mailbox. I’m weighing if it may be invasive for the recipient though..

Intro 2 Programming

Introduction to Programming:
Fall 2017
Course Website
Course Github

This English Language course provides basic programming concepts using C/C++ programming language, knowledge of data presentation in computing, numeric systems and methods to solve programming problems. Moreover, this course also presents computational thinking, programming styles, approaches to problem solving and instructions to create console applications using the standard I/O routines in C/C++ with MS Visual Studio.