Trying to make sense of bits, pixels and ~~the internet~~.

I’ve done a lot of things over the years and some of my past titles include: ¿artist?, research assistant, editorial assistant, graphic designer, web coordinator, lecturer, freelance developer, digital accessibility fellow, accessibility corpsmember.


Artist Statement

As a transdisciplinary artist, I experiment with digital technology and traditional handcraft. My work disrupts the idea that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place[1]. I draw on media studies and critical theory to reify art in technology. More simply put: if the Medium is the Message[2], what is the Message and how can I reinterpret it?


ITP Winter Show 2018
2018 | NYU | New York, New York

AS220 Modern Movements Festival Presents: Mixed Bill # 1 feat. Ronald Kevin Lewis, Grant Jacoby and Dancers, Ashley Ferro-Murray @ AS220’s Blackbox
2016 | AS220 | Providence, Rhode Island

Making Intermedial Performance: Modern Movements Festival Workshop w/ Ashley Ferro-Murray
2016 | Brown University Ashamu Dance Studio | Providence, Rhode Island

Prototype: Senior Thesis
2015 | Worth Ryder Art Gallery | Berkeley, CA

2014 | Worth Ryder | Berkeley, CA



1Benjamin Franklin
2Marshall McLuhan