Connecting to Kinect

So last week I picked up a ton of gadgets (more on that later) including an Xbox 360 Kinect. I got it kind of on a whim, but it’s been on my mind to play with kinect interactions for a while. I saw the Kinect Xbox 360 version 1, model 1414, on Amazon for only 30 dollars so I had to pick it up. If you get this model you’re going to need a USB power supply/ adapter to connect it to your computer, another ~10 dollars.

Setting it up to work with an environment on Windows 7 was kind of tricky. Originally, I was watching Daniel Shiffman’s Coding Train and planned to use Open Kinect for Processing. But after trying for hours I found out that Open Kinect is only for Mac OS! Other windows based libraries for Processing require the newer Kinect Version 2.

Next I decided to look into using kinect with OpenFrameworks. OpenFrameworks comes with the addon ofxKinect already! However to use the addon with Windows you have to install the drivers specific to openframeworks. Use zidag to install the drivers in the /inf folder in the ofxKinect library. I think this new toy will be a great addition to my gadget collection.