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Quick update

Wowwie. It's been a long time since I made an update. A lot of things have been in play. I finished my first year of grad school, showed at ITP Spring Show 2019, extended my LCPA Accessibility Fellowship, led some workshops, tinkered with a range of projects. I'm working on documenting my back log of projects and writing a tutorial series about IoT. So be on the lookout for new posts and projects.

As a note to myself here is a brief list of things I will be posting:

  • My ITP Camp workshop titled "Data in the Air: The WiFi Around Us"
  • 1 S33 Y0U build log
  • Vietnamese Boat
  • A11Y | Digital Accessibility
  • ESP8266 Tutorials

    • Open-WRT MQTT Server
    • SPIFFS
    • A WiFi controlled lamp project
    • Coding environment setup